Santander Sugar

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Formed from one family’s dream, this company, nestled in the western part of our country, has brought to Belize, the largest foreign direct investment in history.

With Belize’s best interest at heart, built on integrity and responsibility and with efficiency, development, job creation and community well-being at the forefront, Santander is busy at work establishing their facilities in order to produce sugar and provide energy to the local market since early 2016.

Santander currently employs over 85% of Belizeans on their workforce. In 2014, The Santander Group implemented an apprentice program in order to provide training to Belizeans in the require fields of work for the sugar cane production phase, with a view to upgrade jobs determined by the increased use of technology in agriculture with a goal of having a work force that is local.

Blessed to call Belize home now, the Santander group welcomes Belizeans to apply and be a part of the team. With so many opportunities ahead, we look forward to growing with Belize.

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